Me and my beloved best friend, Nabila Amany

Hi, Friends! People really love to ask, about everything, even about me! weird, isn't it? Finally, I have compiled some questions that my friends or even my own family usually asked to me. Maybe this page tells you more about me and I hope you can find the answer that you're lookin' for.

  • What's the meaning of une? To be honest, ur name is totally weird.
OMG, thanks, yes my name is weird, I admit it, but I love it! hehe. My mom gave it to me. She said it was taken from French. UNE. means "a" in English or "sebuah" in Bahasa. She gave me that name because I am her first daughter and I am A person, their first, the one who doesn't have any twins and very special. wow. I always know that name has an amazing philosophy. Love it!
  • Why u always use that sports shoes? can you just use a feminine one?
do you mean this one?

ehem, my foot size is a bit... large. Sometimes it's hard to find feminine shoes for me. First, I don't know which one does match with me. Second, every time I bought one, in two weeks, the shoes were broken. lol. Third, I don't have any strong motivation to buy them, why should I buy them? haha. 
  • What is your activity by now?
Am an amateur photographer in my college. Me and my friends from Lensa Kampus have documented almost all event in STTT. Yup, we're STTT's memories capturer hihi. And I am also active in a major organization (HIMA). Am also still a mommy's daughter who have to give her good scores wkwk. 
  • I love your photograph, can you teach me some?
woooooooow, thanks. I never know that my photograph is good enough to be called good. I teach the basic every Sunday in Salman and also active in Lensa Kampus, you can come!
  • Can I hire you to take pictures of me?
Seriously? maybe I have to say another WOOOWW!! Yes, of course, you can, I also need to survive haha. You want to hire me? please go to my WIGRAPH site first and find my business contact there. Am waiting for your call, fellas :)
  • I found you draw something in your picture, what kind of tools u use?
I use this beautiful laptop from lenovo, THINKPAD X200 Tablet.
  • Can I pin your pictures to my Pinterest?
Yes, you can, but please ask my permission before you pin it and you have to make sure that you write down the source.